Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Benefits of the Kindle 3G

 I believe you’ve heard about the new Kindle 3G wireless reading device, question is how do you feel about it? Does it interests you? Do you feel like you’d like to know more about it or do you think it’s just another gadget that will be forgotten soon enough until we hear about the new hot item on the market?
Allow me to elaborate. The Kindle 3G is no ordinary gadget, those items that are spread on the news and last for a month tops. The  is one of the best selling products online these days and there’s a good reason for it too. I myself had doubts about it and didn’t pay too much attention, but when every third person next to me talked about it or even took it out of his bag to use it I knew this is something new and big that maybe is good enough to learn about.
So, the Kindle 3G is actually a wireless reading device, nothing new here except the new Kindle has new features that benefit better than the previous one. Now, you can download any no. of books or magazines in less than 60 seconds from anywhere in the world since it comes with a free 3G + built-in Wi-Fi technology, how cool is that? No more looking for book stores or ordering out of stock books, feel like reading? In less than 60 seconds no matter where you are you can have your books. More than that, it weights less than an actual paperback and it’s very easy and convenient, unlike a regular book you have to hold in a specific position so your page won’t turn on you. I don’t know, I like books and their smell (when they’re new) but I find I like the Kindle better, it has too much to offer than a regular book has and it’s the same value since it’s the same book.
Kindle 3

Kindle 3G :  

Here are just a few benefits of this new wireless reading device :

1. It’s thin, small, very light and weights only 8.7 ounces [246.64085097 grams] which is less than an actual paperback, so why carry heavy books with you now that you can have all of them in this small device?

2. You can store up to 3,500 books in the new Kindle 3G, can’t carry 3,500 books with you at once right? Don’t think you want to either, but now you can and you won’t feel their weight.
3. Read it bright sunlight since there is no glare, just like a regular book.
4. The battery lasts for up to a month, so even if you don’t have electricity around you’re still able to read.
5. Download any no. of books or magazines anywhere in the world in less than 60 seconds without paying annual fees.
6. More than enough reading area size with 6”.
7. 50% better contrast with latest E Ink Pearl technology.
And much more.
Now, let’s go to books. Besides of holding an actual book, feeling paper and taking place on the shelf, that’s it. I think the Kindle 3G won this fight with a clear knockout! No wonder this is one of the best selling products on the Internet, I guess it’s true what they say – hundreds of thousands of people  Kindle all over the world can’t go wrong, can you?

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sell laptop said...

Many people are actually saying that the Kindle can really make them read ebooks for long hours unlike when they read them on computer and laptop screns

Mike said...

@Sell laptop
Yeah, I must say I love using it in long journeys.

Thank you for your comment

sell laptop said...

So it really is that comfortable to the eyes!

B-Boy S10 said...

Kindle is a "cool" useless thing. You can use iPad (another cool useless thing), laptop instead. With free online libraries, without needing to pay for books. I am the one who supports the idea of less paper, more digital books. Save the trees! And money too!

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