Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review: Silicone Horn Stand Speaker for Apple iPhone 4 from Bone (

Over recent months we have seen lots of add-ons for the iPhone and iPad etc. such as joysticks, controllers and even add-on lightsabers??!?!??!! However one of the most useful and practical "add-ons" has got to be the Silicone Horn Stand Speaker for Apple iPhone 4 from Bone (

How it Works and what colours it comes in etc.
The design does not just look unique for the sake of it but improves the output volume "the old school way" through an acoustic amplifier. (picture)

Like a trumpet sound is concentrated through the horn amplifying it without electronics or batteries.

How the Silicone horn stand amplifies the sound - Noordinarygadget

This product is available in colours; light blue, black, white, yellow, light green, pink, peach, dark red, lime green, sky blue and purple.

What it Can do
The Silicone Horn Stand Speaker for Apple iPhone 4 (- is light weight and very flexible. It is made of Silicone which is machine washable, dust and scratch free!

Light material makes the Silicone Horn Stand Speaker for Apple iPhone 4 very convenient, it is also extremely practical especially compared to a portable speaker which has a very high probability of being larger than the Silicone Horn Stand Speaker for Apple iPhone 4.

The portable charger may also need batteries of some sort of power supply, and annoying add-ons which this product does not need because of it's smart design makes use of the shape of the horn to concentrate the sound through the horn hence amplifying the sound, it increases the sound by 13 decibels (dB) which is around 2.5x louder!

The home key, microphone on you iPhone are still accessible, there is a cut out for the at the bottom of the product  for the charging port (picture) which allows you to charge you iPhone when listening to music or watching a movie or whenever! There is a gap for your microphone so you can still make calls whilst this product is still on your iPhone and lastly there is no gap for the speaker on your iPhone as it is 'connected' to the horn.


The product is also a stand for your iPhone it works horizontally and vertically. Horizontally is also perfect for watching and good for whatever use you have for your iPhone, It fits well around the iPhone 4 and gives good support for it. (picture) you can also separate it into two parts which you can put back together.

Horizontal (with a film!)

Final Verdict
This unique product is very well made and has alot to offer you. Enjoy louder and decent sound with no noise or distraction for a great price. It is NOT very easily worn, flexible, and I can't really think of a con for it. It is easy to put your iPhone in and take it out, no external power is required and great for face time, watching movies, reading books, documents, texts etc, and amazing for music. I just believe that it's a smart little product that was well thought of.

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If you have any questions about the product don't hesitate to ask me by commenting below.

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