Friday, 30 December 2011

Apple's iPad 3 Coming in Two Models in 2012: Rumor

eWeek leaked that Apple's next iPad will arrive in two models (which would be quite a change for apple) and the iPad 2 will be repositioned to battle against the fast selling Amazon's Kindle Fire according to a DigiTimes report. Apple will unveil two iPad models at a conference in January, according to Taiwanese publication.

Meanwhile, according to the report, the new iPads will feature higher-resolution screens and “dual-LED light bars” to “strengthen the brightness of the panels.” (quotes from DigiTimes)

Earlier in December, DigiTimes quoted still other unnamed sources in the supply chain as claiming the first next-generation iPads would arrive within three or four months....... Certainly if Apple follows the same release schedual of the previous two iPad versions, the next will make its debut early in 2012, but however the wild, unfounded, far-fetched rumors that usually accompany each new iPad on its way to close unveiling and release, it just pays of to take many of the reports with a miniature grain of salt.

Apple concludes 2011 with a untouched share of the tablet market. However, the competition is unlikely to be diminiuative in 2012. Microsoft and its manufacturing partners are prepping a series of tablets running the upcoming Windows 8, which will make a hard play for PC power users and businesses. In addition, competitors like Samsung are still grasping the edge tablet fight. Whatever Apple decides to release next year, it will continue to face a crowded marketplace, which I'm sure it will do! 


vincent@ sell my laptop said...

So Apple will try to dominate the tablet market on two fronts - one on the more expensive side with the 2 models of the iPad 3, and the other on the least expensive (yet still expensive side) with the iPad 2. I don't why there is a need to battle the Kindle Fire. It cannot do a lot of things that the iPad can do. I think Apple is sensing that the Kindle Fire is making a "niche" in the tablet market right now.

I myself personally like to have a Kindle rather than the next iPad 3.

Mike said...

@vincent@ sell my laptop
I agree with you mildly, but however the kindle 'cannot do alot of things that the iPad can do' but it has a very cheap price tag for what it can do in comparison to the iPad. In the USA only the kindle is still taking up quite a share of the tablet market and once it expands and starts selling in the U.K. etc. Apple has a problem. Apple has been dominating the tablet market for a long time and I dont think they want that to change........ However you are very right about the futeure expensiveness of the iPad2 I dont think they will knock much off the price.

Thank you for your comment

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