Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Apple iPad 3 With Quad-Core Processor Approaching

The Apple iPad 3 rumours have been all over like a rash now for the last couple of months and a new rumour has emerged.

Bloomberg has been speaking to three people familiar with the iPad 3 who claim that it will come with a quad-core processor , have a higher resolution display and will support LTE.

Apparently, production will start to gear up this month and will reach maximum capacity by next month. If this information is true in the slightest then its quite possible that we could see the Apple iPad 3 as early as March.

A quad-core processor would be a brilliant add-on to the iPad, while a higher resolution Retina display is always appreciated and welcomed. Also the addition of LTE will be one of the biggest pieces of news to US users because it'll enable much faster than download speeds giving new possibilities for downloading, streaming and a lot more.

We've heard all sorts of rumours about the iPad 3 and iPad 2S and we'll just have to wait patiently for Apple to unveil the details. Once anything else is mentioned about the "3G" I will try and provide you with information as quickly as possible.


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A tablet to look forward to!

Sell Cell Phones Online said...

oohhh amazing...

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