Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Elago S4 glide case for iPhone 4 review

What is it?

The Elago S4 Glide Case is a two piece, hard-shell, slider style case which in my opinion is one of the best of it's kind. With this product I really believe that Elago really showed off what they are capable of in terms of design - which they are well known for etc.
First Impressions

One of elago's qualities is design, and this really comes in the case and the packaging as they fit everything into the case in the packaging and even another bottom piece (the second bottom piece) of the two-piece hard shell case is neatly concealed in there as well as some other accessories.
What it Comes With

It comes with; Microfiber Frabric - keeps your iPhone clean ,

Two protection films - one for the front of your iPhone and one for the back,
An extra bottom piece - meaning you can replace the bottom pieces of the
two-piece Case with either the same colour as the top piece or a different one

A Set of Screen films
-Very smartly designed, Elago did a great job with this. They cut the screen film that goes on the front of the iPhone to be a tiny bit smaller than the actual screen which makes it fit perfectly on to a slider style case like this S4
Glide. And the the case doesn't bubble the screen protector, again just because it's cut a little bit smaller than the actual screen of the iPhone.

-It also comes with the back film, and in my experience with most back screen films, once you put on the case, the case gets stuck. However Elago's back protection film is incredibly thin and fits perfectly with the slider case.
Design & Other Details

There is a rim around the front of the case, which stops the face of your iPhone from hitting the table when placed face down on the table. The two pieces of the case also fit firmly together. 

Also there is a good cut out for the camera which doesn't affect the flash.
You have easy access to all the keys, such as; the ringer, both volume controls and the sleep/wake key at the top and the home key. Easy access to the headset jack  and wide cut out for the dock connector and speakers.

I was a bit taken aback at the fact that this case has no rubber resisters or padding of any kind to protect the phone internally, on the other hand the two front and back protective films also do a good job in internal protection.
There are many various colours to choose from: coral blue, indigo, white, black, pink, baby blue, orange, gray, red, and yellow. Each one is coupled with two bottom clips to allow further customisation of the case.


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